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Tampa, FL
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I am a cynic, humorist, nihilist, reader, writer, editor, network engineer and administrator, and rocket scientist. My interests lie in literature, music, weapons, their uses, history, capitalism, and a reckless disregard for all laws, rules, and sanctions of functioning appropriately in society. I regularly drink myself near to death every Friday night, wake up the next day in the late morning with no hang-over to speak of, and Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the worst days of the week for me. I do not stop doing anything until I'm done doing it, which is why I'm still alive. I am a grammar Nazi, but coincidentally my use of language (and purposely) is horribly outdated, which I assume makes my use of language, among other (ie, most) things about me illegitimate. I am a proud bastard (therefore). If there are any questions, please assign them posthaste to the buearacratic branch or station that is charged with ensuring that misanthropes such as myself do not disturb other, more responsible of citizens with their useless prattling, and please ensure that all the forms involved are filled out in triplicate. Thank-you, and Good Night.
Favorite Music:
Rammstein, OXES, maybeshewill, Gentle Giants, Genesis, Chopin, Mozart, and David Bowie.

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